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The Unusual History of Every Thing

Oct 26, 2021

Ancient Rome and the Middle Ages seem to be the parents of a whole host of superstitions many people practice today: carving crosses in Brussels sprouts, fear of the number 13, and this episode's topic: Sneezing out...

Oct 19, 2021

Brussels sprouts aren’t the favorite of many, and there could be a good reason for that. The often-overboiled side dish comes complete with a mushy texture, yellowed color and a rotten-egg smell that stays in your house and your hair for days. But, if you cook them right, it’s a whole other story. And you better...

Oct 12, 2021

The number 13 really does have some baggage attached to it, and not all of it is deserving! We as a society may like to think we aren’t superstitious like people from ancient times or even the Middle Ages, but in fact we all still do a lot of things that stem from the superstitions of our ancestors. On this episode,

Oct 5, 2021

Although the gargoyle as we know it today stems from medieval France, in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, an early form of the gargoyle took shape first. On this episode, as we gear up for Halloween, we thought we’d chip away at the stony exterior of gargoyles and see what historical goodies we can find.